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Decisions, decisions!

RustyElm - 2018-08-09: Decisions, decisions! [AUDIO]

Hello, my name is Ian Jones, and this is my very first microcast.

I'm feverishly trying to learn Rust and brush up on Elm so that I can build a project with those two programming languages.



It occurs to me that it might be worthwhile trying to record my fumbling progress in the form of a microcast.

It would be very ad-hoc, no schedule, very much a journal for myself.

It'll initially cover how I get on with learning Rust as I plan to build out a basic backend for the product first, then build out a basic frontend in Elm and iterate on both from there.

There will likely be rumination on the actual product idea too.

So I wonder, would anyone else be interested in listening, or should I just keep this journal to myself?

Decisions, decisions! 🤔

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"Decisions, decisions!" was published on August 9, 2018.